What is UPVC Adhesive? Know More about Astron UPVC Adhesive

What is UPVC Adhesive?

The UPVC is a thermoplastic polymer having a place with the group of polyvinyl chloride (PVCs), yet with the disposition of being unplasticized. That is, in the assembling interaction segments like plasticizers, greases or stabilizers are dispensed with, in this manner getting a lot cleaner gum of polyvinyl chloride. The fundamental contrast with an ordinary PVC gum is the exceptional improvement of the principle mechanical characteristics of the material, particularly the inflexibility.

Presently, UPVC has numerous applications where, essentially, it substitutes metallic materials where moderate endeavors are required and the incredible benefit of its long term as it isn’t assaulted by ecological and synthetic marvels like oxidation.

Usage of UPVC Adhesive?

Astron UPVC adhesive is a customary bodied quick setting adhesive for joining UPVC line and fittings for low pressing factor and waste framework. Amazing adhesive for UPVC line and fittings for low pressing factor and waste framework. Can be utilized for consumable water. It can likewise functions admirably in PVC, acrylic and ABS.

Why Astron UPVC Adhesive is best in the market?


With tremendous industry experience, we are occupied with assembling, providing and sending out an enormous array of UPVC Adhesive. These cements are accessible in various amount according to the customers’ assorted necessities. Every single item offered by our organization is quality supported and entirely tried by the quality regulators to guarantee their dependability and faultlessness. We offer our reach at doable rates on the lookout.


  • Flawless
  • Excellent bonding
  • Feasible rates

Available Size:

110 ML100(Tube)
225 ML100(Tube)
350 ML30(Tin)
4118 ML24(Tin)
6237 ML15(Tin)
7500 ML12(Tin)
81 Ltr.6(Tin)

More questions about PVC Adhesive

If you have any more questions about CPVC Adhesive Manufacturing in Ahmedabad Gujarat India or need advice about the right products and materials for your project, please telephone us on +91 98240 51622  or send us an email: info@astronindusties.in, we’re always happy to help.

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